Websites that deliver result

  • We don’t just design websites: we create a complete success package for your SMEs. From Analytics to Design we take into consideration every step that can grow your business. Whatever your business is, we’ll transform it from just an idea to a profitable business; making sure your website delivers real and tangible benefits to your business.

We just don't build websites
We create success stories

  • Free Fundamental SEO
  • Free Google Analytic setup
  • Free Monthly reports

Web Development Services


Everyone love shopping online. The UK alone spends more online per person than any other country in the world. This provides an opportunity for your SME to get the most from the digital landscape. We make a visually and technically optimized website that can help you to grow your SME exponentially.

App Development (custom)

Studies have shown that more and more business's are seeing mobile apps as a way forward to sell and communicate with potential customers. The apps that we build have a well-thought-out architecture, catered to UK audience, a seamless user experience, and a high emphasis on security.

Business Websites

Different businesses have different website needs. After a perfect analysis of your business, we will build the type of website that will best suit your business. Whether it's a brochure website or portfolio website, we design it with perfection so that you get the most value from it.

Blog Website

Regardless if it's a small business or a multinational company, blogging is integral to companies online content marketing strategy. Our highly engaging blog sites help your SME to drive traffic, increase SEO/SERP, Position your business as an industry leader, and develop better customer relationships.

Why Waqzee for your Web development needs

  • Bespoke Web designs: We make unique designs that can help you to build your brand identity and boost your website ranking.
  • Constant updates: No matter how long it's been since we have built your site. We will respond to any maintenance-related query in a flash.
  • Your input: work with you to define the look and feel and functionality needed.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Almost 80% of the searches made on google are in mobile therefore it is important to take mobile optimization into consideration.
  • Social Integration: We integrate all of your social channels into your website to increase brand reach and awareness.
  • Google Analytics integration: Gone were the days when websites were only used as a digital card for your business. Today websites can tell you a lot about your customers and their behavior. Through integrating google analytics we provide monthly reports through which you can make a more informed decision.
  • SEO Freindly: Our websites are not only visually ecstatic but are pleasing for search engines as well.

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