Graphic Designing for SMEs

If you are among the many small businesses owners who think that graphics does not matter then you’re wrong! Graphic design has become an integral part of branding. Branding is what helps your customers to understand your brand and build perceptions according to it. Without branding, it is really hard for your target customers to distinguish among your brand.
Graphic design is not just about logos; it is much more than that. Effective graphic designing depicts your business value and also showcases the quality of your product and services.

Affordable Designing Services WAQZEE PROVIDES

Logo Designing

A logo is the first element of your small business that your target customer interacts with. Therefore it is necessary that it is engaging and perfectly depicts what your SME is. Here at Waqzee, we make logos that perfectly convey what your business is really about.

Web & UX/UI Designing

We deliver unique designs through a proven methodology that does not only makes your website look good visually but produces impressive and consistent results.

Video Editing

Video has now become the most effective form of advertising. It does not only increase revenue and recognition but also most proffered by the customers as well. Waqzee delivers highly creative and unique videos that can help to skyrocket your SME performance affordably.

Social Media Designing

Strong Engagement in different social media platforms is the key to your small business success. Waqzee creates highly engaging social media graphics that can help you to deliver a highly memorable and engaging experience for your customers.

Print Designing

Sometimes only traditional print marketing will do. business cards, brochures, paper, letterheads. Whatever the medium that you want to use, we can get your message across beautifully.


Your brand is more than a logo, a tagline, a product or a service. Our graphic designing converts your business into a feeling, an experience or a memory because we:

  • Graphic designing
    Know about your audience
  • Graphic designing
    Know about your product
  • Graphic designing
    Design visuals that are impactful
  • Graphic designing
    Think like an artist

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