About us

We are goal Driven

Our goal is to help UK SMEs to achieve growth affordably. But how do we attain our goal? One answer, we challenge the misconceptions. With years of experience in managing and running small businesses, we know how to deal with misbeliefs and how to yield the desired results every time.

Some Common Misconceptions are

Higher clickthrough rates and a larger budget are needed. Why?

PPC or SEO, not both. Huh?

You can’t track sales from digital channels. Um, what?

These statements are false. You don’t always want higher clickthrough rates. More unqualified clicks just mean more wasted ad spend. You should be investing in targeted landing pages for your paid traffic. And yes, you can track opportunities and sales generated from digital channels.

If we never asked ourselves “why” then we would never be able to create such effective specialized digital programs for you.

Waqzee Approach

Creative...Honest... growth mindset

Waqzee is actually unique!

When it comes to strategic thinking, creativity and problem solving; we are the best at those. What makes us so effective is our bonding. We have been together and have been doing this for years. We all support each other and always find ourselves the way that helps our clients to grow and get the most of the digital landscape.

Pursuit to Growth

A zero-tolerance for complacency sits at the heart of our company culture.

Communication is the Key

Whether we are communicating with your client or you, we commune in a most valuable and efficient way; our communication is what makes us successful.

It's all about you

Every strategy, every tactic is thought upon and build to derive results.

The Waqzee Process

Our Location and Areas we serve

We are a Staffordshire-based digital agency, but our team works remotely from various locations across the UK. We serve all small businesses and startups across the UK.
Location matter when it comes to marketing. What might work for London based audience will not necessarily work for Stoke based audience or vice versa. Therefore we provide a completely personalized and bespoke service that best suits your small business and startup.

Our Mission

At Waqzee digital, our mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses achieve their goals online.
Help your business get found online, get your phone ringing, and help you grow into a profitable business.
We want small and medium-sized businesses to benefit from our years of digital marketing experience.

Our Vision

Waqzee Digital wants to be the people that UK small & medium-sized businesses turn to for online marketing advice.
We gauge our success with just two metrics: the ROI we deliver and the quality of our client relationships.