4 Effective Strategies for Small Business Owners to Level up their Content Marketing

4 Effective Strategies for Small Business Owners to Level up their Content Marketing

Content marketing is the type of marketing that small business owners give very little preference to, but if done properly it can be the perfect marketing tool for your small business. The following article will discuss how can small business owners without having strong domain knowledge of writing can get the most out of content marketing.

Determine who, what and how

It might sound basic and you might have heard these words before, but they are highly crucial and effective for an effective content campaign.

determining who what and how for effective content marketing


So, who is who? Who is the audience you’re targeting at? One thing we can say from our experience is that novice writer have an err of not being specific. It is kind of our nature to share every bit of what we know. But that what causes the major table, not being specific with your message makes your content boring and less actionable.

Trying to communicate to too many different people with disparate needs at once, you put yourself in a position where you can’t communicate to any one of them as effectively as you could if you narrowed your target audience.

So, what beginner writers can do in this scenario? the solution of being specific is to identify the decision-makers. Who are the persons that are likely to make a decision that has the most impact on your organization? 

To get key insights about your audience you can explore the audience report of google analytics (if you have already had google analytic for your web). If you are a startup or don’t have any data to get to know about your audience, you can use semrush market explorer as well.


In this stage, you find what do you need your audience to know or do? This is the point where you think through how to make what you communicate relevant for your audience and form a clear understanding of why they should care about what you say. 

You should always want your audience to know or do something. If you can’t concisely articulate that, you should revisit whether you need to communicate in the first place.


After finding out to whom and what type of content you want to share, the next step is to decide how you want to share it. In this stage, you decide what communication channel to choose, how to design and present the communication, and the duration of the communication.

The success of this stage depends on the right strategy that you apply in the who and what stage.

Picking the Right Tone 

The last stage is which tone do you want you to communicate with your audience? Another important consideration is the tone in which you want to convey your message. Are you sharing joy? or trying to create urgency? or trying to share light-hearted content? Whatever tone you desire for your communication will have direct impact on your audience and how they perceive your business. 

There are multiple free tools on the web which you can use to check the tone of your writing. The two most famous are Grammarly and free tone checker.

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